Best military watch under $100 in 2021

 While some military style watches may look very nice on your hand, they may not be perfect choices for some reason. If, for example, you need to venture into any outdoor activity, especially for military men and women, you need a watch that can withstand such rigors.

 Since you need something that will let you do a lot of things such as diving into the water, a military watch can be an ideal choice. Also, you need a watch that can resist scratches and shock to maintain that $100 look. A military watch can be a great choice in this case.

 Military and tactical watches do a lot than tell you time and date. Therefore, you also need to be careful when choosing a military watch. Not every watch will meet your needs and specifications. We thought it wise that we help you choose by reviewing these 5 best military watches under $100. Take a look.

Top 5 budget military watches in 2020 - comparison table

military watchwater-resistant depthDisplay typeCase materialCase diameterFeaturescheck price
PALADA Digital Tactical Watch50M / 164FTDigitalEngineering ABS plastic50 mm / 1.97in•Comfortable
• Displays military time
Check Price
Bertucci A-2S100 metersAnalogStainless steel 22 mm • Hardened glass
• Scratch-resistant case
Check Price
G-Shock GA2110SU-3A 200 metersDigitalCarbon/Resin48.5 mm • Durable
• Bold design
Check Price
Seiko SNK80930 metersAnalogStainless steel37 mm • Affordable
• Nice strap
Check Price
Pulsar Chronograph Watch PM3127X1100 metersAnalogStainless steel42 mm • Military color
• Affordable
Check Price

If you are looking for a watch that is both sporty and stylish, then the PALADA Men’s Digital Sports Watch is the perfect choice for you. It may be an excellent option for you since it is not only a sports watch but also a military watch.

 Several features differentiate this masterpiece from several other options. First, it is affordable. Everyone looks at the price before they purchase any item. Well, price is not a problem when considering this watch. It is reasonably priced, and some features may make you think its current price is too low.

 As a military man, you may sometimes get into places with extreme weather. For instance, if you have to get into a rainy place, you do not do it with a watch that cannot survive in water. It may be disappointing and a waste of money after that.


 Therefore, you need a waterproof watch, and the PALADA Men’s Digital Sports Watch is a great option. You can go up to 164 feet deep without damaging it. Remember, military personnel sometimes get into water sports. With this watch, you will not have any worries. palada military digital watch review

 However, there have been warnings that you may allow water in by pressing buttons while submerged. You should avoid it for the safety of your device.

 Also, you need to feel comfortable when wearing a watch. Most watch manufacturers do not keep this into mind. Therefore, they end up making watches that you won’t feel comfortable wearing. The PALADA Men’s Digital Sports Watch has a band made of rubber. The band is very soft and comfortable for your wrist.

 It comes with a large LED display that helps you see what time it is. Also, with the display screen comes a LED backlight. The backlight is one of the fantastic features that you will ever find in a watch. With it, you can easily see everything taking place on your phone.

 What’s more? The package has a lot of other things. You will find an alarm clock, an hourly clock, and a stopwatch. Another fantastic feature you will find out with this watch is that it is shock resistant. Therefore, parts won’t break easily even if it falls.

 I can recommend this watch to anyone looking to buy it. The price is affordable, and you should not hesitate to buy it if other features resonate with you.

  • Displays military time
  • It is very comfortable to wear
  • It looks nice
  • It is waterproof
  • It has a nice fitting strap
  • Sometimes the backlight gets dim

 Most people just need something they can strap on and head outdoors. Well, you can get that with any brand of a watch. However, we believe you have heard of field watches. Not every brand out there produces this type of watch, and when they do, it is just one or two watches.

 Well, Bertucci is a unique brand for several reasons. The biggest reason is that they chose to specialize only in field watch production. That means they won’t be producing any other watches, and you must be wondering whether this limits them or not. Surprisingly, they manage to mix up things and create different designs of field watches.

 This watch is the USA made, and it comes with a lot of features that you will enjoy. One of the best features is that it is sturdy and durable. You want a watch that will last longer and, therefore, and it is essential that you make the right choice.


 The Bertucci A-2S Field Watch comes with a stainless-steel case that is important for durability. Also, with that, you will not fear the steel parts getting corroded. You will also enjoy the durable screw-down crown. All these contribute to the durability you will get from this watch.

 It also comes with hardened glass. The glass that protects the inner display parts is not easy to break. Besides, you need to avoid components that can easily get scratched. This watch is scratch-resistant, and for this reason, you may find it a great option.military watch Bertucci review

 Also, it has an all-metal Japan-made quartz movement. Along with this, you will find a 4 o’clock crown that does not impinge wrist movement. Therefore, your wrist can move freely without feeling uncomfortable.

 Unlike many other watches in the market, you get to enjoy the water-resistant features of this watch. The Bertucci A-2S Field Watch can resist water up to 100M deep. Therefore, swimmers and military men and women may find it an ideal choice because they do not know the circumstances; they are going to work in.

 You will enjoy a long battery life, and this watch promises precisely that. It is not economical to purchase a watch that requires battery replacement after short periods. The Bertucci A-2S Field Watch comes with a durable battery that will last longer than you expect. It can last up to 3 years.

 I can recommend this product to anybody that is looking for a stylish watch that also comes with great features. The durability of this watch is unmatched, mainly because it resists both water and scratches. 

 Also, it comes with a 3-year warranty that means the manufacturer has put a lot of trust in it. It is a perfect pick for people that want long-lasting watches.

  • It comes with a 3-year warranty
  • It is water-resistant
  • It has a long-lasting battery
  • It is scratch-resistant
  • It has a hardened glass display
  • Water gets in if you press buttons

 The G-Shock GA2110SU-3A is an excellent watch for military people who are looking for something that will last a very long time. It does not do this by looking like any other watch in the market. There are special features that make it unique and the right choice for military personnel or anyone that loves military watches.

 Although Casio G-Shock watches have been an industry favorite, this piece will set an all-new standard in the market. One thing that differentiates it from the rest of the watches made by Casio is that it is a more durable watch.


 There are great features that ensure that this watch is durable and has the strength you desire. For example, it comes with a black bezel, which gets also reinforced with carbon fiber. That means it is shock absorbent and won’t get damaged even when it falls on a hard surface.g-shock military watch review

 Besides this, the G-Shock GA2110SU-3A boasts an army green resin case. The case is a great thing to consider when buying any type of watch. For this watch, you will not get worried about it breaking or looking unattractive within a short time. It is value for your money.

 Also, you need a watch you can use even in the darkest places. Well, this is the watch for you. It comes with a display screen that also comes with a LED backlight to help you see the time and date even in darkness. Many other watches may not come with this feature, meaning you need a torch to light it up.

 Besides, it does not only come with a single light for the screen. It is a double light. When the screen gets lit, there is another LED light that is ideal for the face. The dual LED light is a great feature every watch lover looks for.

 Also, you need external button guards for traditional watches. Surprisingly, you do not need them with the G-Shock GA2110SU-3A. It comes with an improved button shock resistance structure. Therefore, the buttons will remain in proper shape even after a long time of use.

 More functions make this watch to look bold. You will get astonished with how the face of this watch looks like since it comes with a disc pointer that you may not find with most watches. Also, the raised hour markers enhance the look further.

 The watch also has a multi-dimensional design face to make it look more stylish. Also, it comes with mineral glass protection, which is scratch-resistant, meaning you won’t get bored with the look of your watch. Remember, there is a large face button also, and that is an excellent feature to look at as a watch lover.

 I would recommend this watch to anyone that loves military watches. Also, for military people because of its sturdy design. It won’t disappoint if it falls on hard ground.

  • It has a bold design
  • It looks great from the outside
  • It does not require external button
  • It has double LED lights
  • It is durable

 The Seiko Men’s SNK809 is arguably the most popular wristwatch all of us have come across. Over the years, Seiko has produced millions of dozens of this watch because of its demand. The demand arises from the great features that it boasts of.

 One of the greatest things is that despite having the best mechanical features, this watch will not cost you an arm and a leg. Many people are shocked by their prices. It is incredible that it still features on this list of watches costing below $100.

 The design of this watch is on another level. It looks beautiful. Nobody will even notice that you are wearing the same watch you wore yesterday. Its design is special and unique at the same time, and that sets it apart from other watches in the market.

 Another thing you will love about it is the length of time it will maintain a great look. It comes with a stainless-steel finish that ensures it does not corrode easily. Therefore, you will not worry about the finish getting rusted dues to exposure to elements such as water.Seiko SNK809 review

 Unlike regular watches that have standard crowns, your wrist will feel good with this watch. Regular crowns dig into your wrist, causing you to feel uncomfortable, which is not the case with this watch. It is comfortable to wear for the whole day.


 Although most watchmakers place the crown at 3 O’clock, the Seiko Men’s SNK809 manufacturers want to make it unique. The crown is at the 4 O’clock mark. Yes, it may feel uncomfortable at first, but within a short time of use, you get to find it a great choice to have it there.

 The case back is another great feature to look at when buying any watch. The Seiko Men’s SNK809 comes with a great case back that will make you love this watch. 

 Also, the gears and levers of this watch work in synchrony, which is a great feature to watch. Although the 7S26 movement of this watch is not as good as other watches, it is still a great feature to enjoy.

 Remember, for a watch to look good, the strap must also look great. That is what the Seiko Men’s SNK809 comes with. The contrast of color between the strap and the black dial makes it look stylish, and that is a feature you will enjoy.

 If you asked me to recommend a watch to you, I would recommend the Seiko Men’s SNK809. Its great features are much more than you expect for its price. It is an excellent choice for every watch lover.

  • It looks stylish
  • It is affordable
  • It has a sturdy design that's scratch-resistant
  • It has a nice strap
  • Stainless steel finish
  • It can get damaged with water easily

 The Pulsar Gents Military Watch – PM3127X1 is a great piece that every watch lover wants to own. People enjoy this watch because of the fantastic features that it comes with. Let us take you through some of these features.

 Most of the features that this watch comes with cannot come with any watch within its price range. Most watches that cost below $100 come with the most basic features that any watch can come with.


 First, it comes with a quartz movement that is an excellent feature for this watch. It also includes a battery that puts this watch in a better place to be the perfect choice for every watch lover.

 Also, you do not talk about a watch without talking about the bracelet. For this piece, it is not only the bracelet material that makes it a great watch, but it is also the style that has gotten put into it. It is military-styled, and that contributes to the overall great design of this watch.

 Also, the outer case of every watch matters. The Pulsar Gents Military Watch – PM3127X1 comes with a stainless-steel case that will remain in the same condition it was in even after years of using it. The best thing about stainless steel is that it does not corrode easily.Pulsar Chronograph Watch PM3127X1 review

 Remember, you get to work in extreme weather or even in deep waters as military personnel. Therefore, your watch needs to be at least resistant to water, and this watch can do that correctly. It is water-resistant up to depths of 100 meters; therefore, you should not worry about damaging it by diving in with it.

 Most watches come with a black dial color. Well, black suits on most occasions, and here we are talking about military watches. How about having a green dial color? Well, that’s what the Pulsar Gents Military Watch – PM3127X1 looks like. The dial color is perfect for military people, and you will like it.

 Other than helping you know what time it is; this exceptional watch also displays the date. Again, it comes with a stopwatch, which is an essential thing for training or any timings. 

 I would recommend this great watch to anyone that has an interest in buying a military watch. A combination of these features gives you a great piece and value for money.

  • It is water-resistant up to 100 meters
  • It has a great military design
  • It comes with a stainless-steel body case
  • It has a good color that fits the military
  • It has no alarm or 24-hour counter

 Now you want to go into the market for a new military watch? There are a plethora of choices online, and choosing which one to buy can be a daunting task. Always check the amount of money you have to spend on a watch. Before that, let us give you some tips on what to look for in a watch.

 Here are some of the things you should consider when buying a military watch.

 • What do you want to use the watch for?

 Of course, we all know that watches should tell us time. But that is not the primary reason for purchasing a military watch. There must be much more to it. So, what else can you do with a military watch?

 You possibly need a watch that has a sturdy design that will not disappoint within a short period of use. That is a watch that can resist rough handling, a bit of sweating, or even falling on hard surfaces without breaking. All parts, both metallic and glass parts, should be able to resist such things.

 • What is the battery life?

 Also, you need a watch that comes with a long-lasting battery. Therefore, you need to find out how long a battery will last before you even invest in one. A weak battery will cost you much than you should have spent initially to purchase a watch with a quality battery.

 Besides, do not forget to check whether the battery is rechargeable or replaceable. An ideal watch should have such a battery because you may need to do any of this soon after buying it.

 • Is it water-resistant?

 Most sports watches are water-resistant. However, not every military watch comes with this great feature. Therefore, before purchasing, make inquiries on whether the particular watch you are paying for can resist water.

 Also, watches are water-resistant up to different depths. Mostly, these depths can be either 50 meters, 100 meters, or even 200 meters. For example, a watch that is water-resistant up to 5o meters is ideal for swimming and bathing with. One that is water-resistant up to 200 meters is suitable for deep diving.

 • How large do you want it, and is the strap replaceable?

 Mostly, men’s watches come in large designs. However, the straps are never the same size. Therefore, you need to find out what size you like. If you want the larger size, then you should find a watch that matches your preference.

 Also, remember to look at the straps. Sometimes you want to replace a strap that makes you feel uncomfortable. Or, you may want to change a broken strap. That can be possible with a replaceable strap. Ensure that the watch you want to buy comes with a replaceable strap.

 • How’s your eyesight?

 You need to consider your eyesight when buying a watch. Well, it may seem like a small factor, but sometimes natural light gets dim or the night sets in, and you would like to check your watch. A watch that comes with a LED backlight can be the best choice for you. Otherwise, all the other features will not matter if the display is poor.


 All in all, buying a military watch is not a mean fete. It takes a lot of research and consideration of several factors to decide on the best watch to purchase with a reasonable budget. That is why we had to review the best military watches below $100.

 Some of the factors that you need to consider include durability because this is a military watch. Mostly, you will need a watch that can survive severe conditions such as falling on hard surfaces or getting into the water. Therefore, you need to look at more features before you buy one.

 Also, remember that manufacturers set prices according to the features that a watch has. Always consider the features and decide on what will be useful to you and what you do not need. If a watch has a lot of features that won’t be important to you, purchase a cheaper alternative.

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