How to choose the right golf bag in 2021?

For the game to bring real pleasure, the golfer needs to choose the right equipment for himself. A set of golf clubs with covers, spare balls, rangefinder, clothes change, towel, shoes, umbrella, shaker with water – all these accessories need to be stored somewhere. A Golf bag is a special bag, which design and filling are designed to meet the golfers’ needs. A rich model assortment can confuse not only a beginner but also a professional. How to choose the right golf bag? 

What parameters are important in choosing

Golfers’ bags should be comfortable and practical, since moving from hole to hole with bulky luggage on your shoulders is a dubious pleasure, and not everyone can afford to play with an escort. When choosing a bag, you need to pay special attention to five aspects:

  • Dimensions.
  • Weight.
  • Production material
  • Spaciousness (sections and pockets).
  • Carrying handles and straps.

The bag weight depends on the material and size. In one game, a golfer can use 14 clubs. It is best to choose a bag that has separate sections or pockets to store each one. More expensive models have a rigid structure that allows protecting the clubs from deformation. These bags weigh more, so it is worth carefully weighing the pros and cons before buying. Will it is convenient to carry a bulky bag around the field, or will the game turn into real flour?

Its durability directly depends on the bag material quality. It is worth paying attention to waterproof fabrics, which allow protecting clubs, balls, clothes, shoes, and towels from getting wet in the rain. Bags made of wet materials usually come with a special waterproof cover in rain case.

Each modern model has additional sections and pockets. In the most expensive bags, each club can be stowed separately. The sections are separated from each other by rigid partitions. Smaller and lighter bags have special soft pockets. Many models have compartments for shoes, clothes, towels, spare balls, umbrellas, water bottles. Here, every golfer chooses a bag based on personal preference.

Carrying straps and handles are one bag selection the most important aspects. The bag can be roomy and durable, but it is completely useless if it is simply uncomfortable to carry luggage in it. The best option is a double strap for comfortable carrying. Some models are equipped with special orthopedic systems for carrying luggage on the back (for example, Comfort Tech).

And the last but not the least nuance is additional equipment, which depends on the bag type. Some models may have casters, others have a rubberized bottom, and the third design hides folding legs for fixing the bag in a vertical position on the field.

 Analysis by bags type 

Today, golf equipment manufacturers offer five bags types. The bulkiest among them are tourist or road, as they are sometimes called. They are rigid and heavy. Inside there are several sections and many pockets for small items. In such a bag, you can put not only all the clubs but also change clothes, a towel, spare balls.

  • Tour Staff Bags. Weight is a travel bag only drawback, although, for professionals who use a caddy, this is not an issue. Thanks to their rigid construction, the roadblock reliably protects contents and clubs from deformation, for example, in an accidental fall event. Travel bags are ideal for playing while traveling.
  • Cart Bags. In order not to carry all the equipment with him, the player can use a golf cart, for which special bags are created. They are voluminous and roomy, although they weigh less than tourist ones. Usually equipped with numerous pockets and additional sections for an umbrella, shoes, towels. These bags have one special feature – a special coating on the base that prevents them from sliding off the cart while in motion.
  • Stand bags are additionally equipped with retractable legs that keep them in an upright position, preventing material contamination. They are versatile and can be installed on any surface.
  • Sunday bags or tubular bags – lightweight compact model. When folded, it takes up a space minimum. A golfer can put all 14 clubs in it, but such bags are rarely equipped with additional sections and pockets. This is a convenient option for golfing on the weekend.
  • Waterproof bags can be distinguished into a separate category, which is made of a special material that does not allow moisture to pass through. They will protect the contents in bad weather. Typically, these bags are lightweight, and the inner filling resembles Sunday models. A waterproof bag should be included in any golfer’s outfit, but it should not be used as a main bag due to its small capacity. 

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